Borderlands 2 – Interview with Scott Kester

If I can't talk to someone there's gonna be trouble!

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever been in my presence for more than a few minutes that there’s no way I’d be happy to leave GamesCom without having talked to Gearbox about their recently-announced, long-awaited and undoubtedly drool-inducing title, Borderlands 2.  Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, interview slots were snatched up quicker than Skagzilla with a midget psycho.  Never being one to accept defeat or lose focus, I stapled and superglued a virtual Post-It note to the forefront of my mind reminding me to make sure I revisited the 2K booth in the hopes of getting a last minute cancellation.  As expected, nobody had decided to back out of their Gearbox interview in favour of the latest Pong HD presentation and so my chances of getting to speak to one of the minds behind what was inevitably going to be my game of the year for 2012 were now nil.  Just before reaching the escalator, however, a rather panicked 2K PR rep ran up to say that two of the team had literally just become available for five minutes and we could do the interview NOW.

With absolutely no preparation, and after a quick game of rock/paper/scissors between the Gearbox guys to decide who would take the interview when they realised it was a video interview, we were sitting down to Scott Kester to talk about Borderlands 2. After the interview, during the informal chat, it transpired that Scott created and designed Moxxi.  It’s always great to see the look on a developer’s face when they find out how much their hard work is appreciated, and the beaming grin on my face probably gave Scott sunburn. Dream come true for a Mad Moxxi fanatic?  Unashamedly, yes.  Very much so.

Once you’ve finished with the interview, check out our preview here

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  1. Ste Ste says:

    Game of 2012?? Possible contender for me I think. Nice interview Mark.

  2. Edward Edward says:

    Brilliant interview, Mark. Shows how much information you get when you’re really passionate about the game, and my highlight was just watching your face beam up when he confirmed the randomly generated weapons. :D

  3. Stu Stu says:

    Sounds like they are still pretty cagey about what’ll be in the final game, which is understandable. I’m trying to not get over-exposed to hype for this as I adored the first game, sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid it as now I know of its existence the thirst for more information is just constantly niggling!

  4. Pete Pete says:

    Great stuff Dood! What I wouldn’t give to be the man behind Moxxi ;)

    As for midgets in fridges… who on earth would back away when opening them? Wuss! *ahem* :D

  5. Chris Toffer says:

    Top interview. The look on Mark’s face through the entire thing basically says “TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW. DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME DUDE”

    Excellent that we got an interview at the last minute. Very cool! I must sit down and play the first one!

  6. Pete Pete says:

    Toffer – if and when you do, shout :D I’m happy playing it time and again ;)

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