About Us

GamingLives is a portal for likeminded individuals to express their enthusiasm for gaming, and the effect that it has on them on a personal level.  There are no roots in the gaming industry, no particular leanings or developers that have to be kept on side, and nobody to answer to, so this impartiality will serve to provide a sounding board without obligatory satiation.  Put simply, GamingLives is a glimpse into the minds of individuals who spend a portion of their lives either playing games or thinking about games.

While there will be a core group of writers, we openly invite anyone to submit their work to us for inclusion on the site.  All of the core writers have gamed together, spent time together and, while we are still small in number, we already have a strong sense of community.  We have no preferences towards a particular console, platform or genre so feel free to submit anything gaming related.  More information can be found here on our submissions page.

From what was nothing more than an idea in December 2009, GamingLives has grown to the point where the name has earned tremendous support and praise from a great number of highly respected individuals within the gaming industry. October of 2010 saw the decision to take the site to the next level, resulting in our first official expo trip to PAX East 2011, and the success of this forged the way for our coverage of E3 and Gamescom. Throughout this growth, we have strived to remain grounded and still show as much support as possible for other aspiring writers and new gaming sites.

We are, and always will be, just gamers.