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Want to get in touch with us but not quite mastered telepathy yet?

Since so many developers/publishers/PRs have thus far opted to contact us through the Submissions page, we felt it was perhaps a good idea to have a dedicated contact address to make things a little easier than having to ponder whether using an article submissions address was the right way to go. It was, as it was the only way to go, so don’t beat yourself up over it… we thought we’d end up doing all the leg work ourselves, so we overlooked the possibility of you finding us first. If you’re an independent developer, there’s a special section below just for you…

If you’d like us to review whatever releases you have available, please feel free to get in touch and we can take it from there. We are a multi-platform community, and will even fire up the NES or the Colecovision (we don’t actually have one anymore, sorry) if you felt somehow inclined to rekindle some retro passion and release new IP, so please don’t worry about whether we’ll support your platform… we will. We also cover press launches, events, interviews and may consider an inter-developer marriage ceremony as long as we’re being paid in Cadbury’s Flakes.

Got something newsworthy that you think we’d like to cover?  Fire an email over to the news editor and we’ll see what we can do for you – we try to update the news section every day but sometimes life gets in the way, but our Twitter feed is constantly on the go even if the news section isn’t.

A note to PRs/devs/publishers:
We review games, and by ‘games’ we mean something that you can play until you decide not to play it anymore.  If your game has IAPs which are necessary in order to play continuously, or the game somehow penalises you if you choose to continue playing without paying additional funds… please don’t ask us to review it.

Please do not contact us with an offer for ‘featured content’, or any other type of content where marketing is being disguised as something else. It’s insulting to our readers to think that they can’t see through it, and we don’t want our readers being insulted.

If we haven’t contacted you, we do not authorise you to contact us to offer your services or advice.  In doing so, you are in clear breach of the General Data Protection Regulation as GamingLives is NOT a business or a corporate entity, and you are always emailing an individual with no financial ties or income stream from GamingLives.  We therefore strongly urge you to refrain from contacting us because we WILL lodge a complaint.