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May have started gaming back in 1980, but it's taken me until 2009 to accept the label of "gamer". My love for gaming never really kicked in until playing UFO: Enemy Unknown for the first time back in 1994 and realising that so many hours, and months, could be devoted to playing a single game without ever once losing interest. My playlist since then has mainly been sim and strategy games, with the Command And Conquer series holding on at the top for as long as I can remember. In recent years, however, I immersed myself in Morrowind and that's what kick-started my interest in all things RPG, which ended up with Oblivion and Fallout 3 jumping straight in to my most enjoyable games. I also think Two Worlds is a great game, and that Two Worlds II even better, and I don't care that everyone else thinks they're crap.

Running a site such as GamingLives has taken its toll on my ability to remain an active gamer, with so much time devoted to keeping things going and the constant website tweaks, but I try and keep a hand in. The trips to PAX East, E3 and Gamescom last year were some of the busiest periods I can ever remember, but the rewards and experiences were worth every penny and every missed hour of sleep!

Originally created this site due to boredom and frustration and quickly realised that it swallows more time than a time swallowing dwarf in a red latex catsuit. Really can't be bothered with multiplayer gaming and yet, for some strange reason, I tend to be spending every evening on XBL pilfering red crates in Borderlands with an unnecessary amount of swearing to accompany each opening as I wait for Borderlands 2. I need to get out more... although maybe not.

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