E3 2011 Gallery – Part 1

Between streets lined with palm trees and all manner of celebrity wandering around in their slippers to pick up milk from the local grocery store, there’s a lot to see in Los Angeles without even going anywhere near the convention centre. We are, however, here for E3 and not to rub shoulders with the Kardashians so we bring you a brief glimpse at everything we’ve seen at E3 over the last couple of days. Bear in mind that the actual E3 shots thus far are ONLY from the South Hall as we haven’t even got as far as the West Hall yet… and that’s where Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda and all manner of awesomeness lies in wait for us. We’ll hopefully update with the West Hall by the end of Wednesday. Enjoy what we have so far!

General Images

Microsoft Conference

Sony Conference

E3 Show Floor – South Hall

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  1. Chris Toffer says:

    Man those Gears Of War and Old Republic areas rock!

  2. Dave [TeldurUK] says:

    Awesome pics guys!

  3. Mark Mark_S says:

    Loved the Dark Millenium stuff and your sneaky pic of a dancers arse :D

  4. FC360 says:

    Nice pictures, some of them won’t enlarge for me though :( The place is bigger then I imagined it would be, some of those booths are huge :O

  5. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    All enlargements work now – there were two causing problems but I’ve just fixed them. Zero dood… I wasn’t sneaky in the slightest about those arse photos… I was pretty obvious really as I didn’t have my tele lens so was only about 3ft away :D

  6. Lorna Lorna says:

    I love that there are some high quality pics to snag for my own articles ;) Seriously though, some good memories here. And they all seem to be perfectly colour co-ordinated too.

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