Dead Island 2 On The Way?

More trouble in paradise?

In a gaming world where sequels are as inevitable as zombie games, Techland may well be rubbing the two together to spark a second installment of their zombie-fest, Dead Island.  Dead Island was released a few months ago to wildly mixed reviews, with a glitch list to put a Boomer off its appetite, and focused on a zombie outbreak on the beautiful island resort of Banoi.

Despite the game’s critical reception, Dead Island went on to shift close to two million copies globally in its first week, meaning that a sequel was practically inevitable.  Indeed, according to C&VG, Polish devs, Techland have filed a trademark for ‘Dead World’.  Whether this means that we’ll be seeing the outbreak spread from the formerly luxurious resort of Banoi, onto the mainland, or whether it is set to be a Dead Island MMO (interesting), we can but speculate.  Regardless, we aren’t in the least bit surprised.

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