GLTV Presents – Dead Space 2 Launch

I was twelve years old the last time I set foot in an old creepy church and, in the twenty six years since then, things have changed considerably from what I remember.  Gone are the musty smelling hymnaries, abandoned by whatever congregation last stood in sombre celebration of their saviour before the church closed down, and the pews covered by a thick layer of aeons old dust are now nowhere to be seen.  Instead, as I look around, I see a growing cluster of followers ready to sit at the foot of a technological altar in the hope of catching a glimpse of, and perhaps experience first hand, the birth of a new vision.

The arched brick walls of The Crypt are brightly lit by cyan spotlights, perfectly representing the familiar colouring of Isaac Clarke’s illuminated visor and a full sized Necromorph oversees the proceedings from a balcony above the stage.  Between the natural darkness of The Crypt itself, the smoke machine and the ambient lighting adding atmosphere, and the rather odd sight of gnarled creatures wandering around serving mini hamburgers and alcohol…

Actually, bugger this… just watch the first ever GLTV and prepare yourself to play a game which caused Lee to jump TWICE in a room filled with  people… and he wasn’t even playing the game.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lee Williams, Lee Williams, Lee Williams, Kevin Flynn, 7 Bit Arcade and others. 7 Bit Arcade said: RT @GamingLives: The 1st ever episode of GLTV comes to you from @electronicarts #deadspace2 event in London [...]

  2. Michael Author says:

    Awesome first episode!
    Cannot wait ’til I can afford Dead Space 2, absolutely loved the first one!

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  4. Chris Toffer says:

    Very awesome first episode. Very relevent and full of interesting content. I rarely watch these sorts of things on other websites but this was very well put togather and actually made me “lol” at points.

    Looking forward to the next!

  5. Edward Edward says:

    In a word: Amazing.

    In more words than that: I really hope there are more of these in future, it was amazing.

  6. Mark Mark S says:

    God damn work. I will watch this when I get home and it will be awesome.

  7. Lee says:

    I say that chap at the start is rather handsome.

  8. Michael Moverley says:

    Love the show and hope it continues

  9. Michael Moverley says:

    HMV also just notified me that my collectors edition has been dispatched. :D

  10. Rook says:

    Watched maybe 15 seconds and then saw a cutscene from the game. I’ll return to watch this after I’ve finished the game. :)

  11. [...] Thanks to everybody for their kind words on our first episode of GLTV. You keep saying thanks to me though but Mark Reid deserves all the credit, he was the one that sat up editing the fuck out of it for 4 days. Also big thanks to Dan and Kevin at EA and some old and new friends such as Jennifer Taylor, Debbie Timmins & Nick Silversides, Phillipe Bosher, Timm Hibbs, Thomas Wallis,Vikki Blake Now go watch it [...]

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