Nintendo Steal The Show At E3

With the disappointment of Microsoft’s conference weighing heavy on many, Nintendo’s conference wouldn’t really have to exert much effort to give a better showing. What Nintendo did give was a conference with a massive amount for the hardcore, and a lot of promise for their new 3DS.

The conference kicked off by looking at the new Zelda for the Wii, now subtitled ‘Skyward Sword’. Looking like a mix between the graphical style of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, it gives an artistic style that looks incredible. Hoping that the WiiMotion Plus addon will help to make all of the controls and complicated layouts an element of the past, Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage to demonstrate after a video that helped inject some humour into the proceedings. However, his demonstration would ultimately be damning as ‘Wireless Interference’ would prove to make controlling and showing off the game difficult, and left those on stage to apologise profusely and assure the crowd that “This didn’t happen in the rehearsal” and “When you play the game for yourself, you’ll see it works”. The WiiMotion Plus does seem as if it’ll give a better sense of control, despite the worrying demo, with weapons being more refined to accomodate motion controls, such as the ability to aim where you throw, drop and roll bombs, a host of new weapons such as the Beetle launcher allowing you to guide a Beetle around which can pick up additional items for you and the Whip, as well as old items like the catapult. It was then announced that Skyward Sword would be delayed until 2011 as the development was taking longer than expected.

Despite some demo issues, I fell in love with this game like it was love at first sight

Next up, Mario’s involvement with sports was given another boost with Mario Sports Mix, also to be released in 2011. Thankfully, Nintendo saw fit to combine several sports games into one, rather than release them separately, and will contain Volleyball, Hockey and Dodgeball with the traditional Mario Sports twist.

Following up on this, Nintendo took the time to point out the staying power of the Wii, and how it had managed to sell the most in December 2009, selling more than any other console had ever sold in a month, that more games had been sold for the Wii than anything else, and that Wii players use their console more than other Console players will use their consoles. To keep this in mind, Nintendo showed off another ‘bridge’ title for Wii Party. Basically looking like a reskin of Mario Party, but with the more neutral and casual Miis, Nintendo hopes that Wii Party will appeal to all audiences and attract more people to the console. Keeping with a tilt to the casual side, Nintendo then confirmed that Just Dance 2 would arrive on the Wii in the Christmas season.

Acknowledging that nothing had been mentioned or shown of Golden Sun DS since last E3, Fils-Aime then showed off the first footage of the game, now subtitled “Dark Dawn”. Taking place a generation after the first two Golden Sun games, Dark Dawn will combine 3D characters with new summons and touch screen controls, and will hit the Nintendo DS in the Christmas season.

I think you'll find the support for a Goldeneye remake was quite, DAMning... No dice? Dam.

Moving on from one kind of golden to another, Reggie Fils-Aime then showed footage taken from a focus meeting about Goldeneye 007 for the N64, asking just what made it so revolutionary. It was then revealed that Activision are to remake the original game for the Wii, which’ll hit in the Christmas season like everything else. The new Goldeneye will include reworked sections from the original with added content and Daniel Craig as James Bond. While, admittedly, it looks like an odd reworking of the game, only time will tell if it’s a remake worthy of the game, or another Rogue Agent.

The conference then turned to Epic Mickey, taking Mickey to a whole new level while exploring the old and new Disney with unique twists. One of the gameplay innovations will be Mickey’s paintbrush, with which he can either create or destroy the environment around him. By using paint, he can create new environmental scenery, people and platforms, and with the paint thinner, he can destroy those things, as well as those that he creates. The story is also focused in a way that multiple playthroughs will be in order, with plotlines and sidequests done so that they can be completed with multiple outcomes which will all build to different, unique endings. It will also combine elements of side scrollers, as was demonstrated with the level containing a retro throwback to Steamboat Willy. Before leaving, it was discussed how difficult it was to balance both innovation and heritage, and its hoped that the game gets that balance right. Epic Mickey will be hitting the Wii exclusively in the Christmas season.

Reggie then talked about the creation of Kirby, and his lack of a home console outing for a long while, and that this would be recitified with a new Kirby game, also hitting the Wii during the christmas season. Kirby: Epic Yarn has an incredible unique art style which is reminiscent of Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Story, and Kirby can use yarns to move about the environment, take new forms, and has an art style which combines seemlessly with the gameplay and the incredibly cutesy and upbeat music. There also looks to be a return of the companions from Kirby Super Star, and the side scrolling nature of the game looks like an amazing return for Kirby which should hopefully find its way into Wiis everywhere.

First he was real, then trapped in a painting, Kirby, how long are you going to stringus along like this? I'll leave now...

Dragon Quest 9 was then discussed, as well as its massive impact in Japan, selling 4.2 million copies, and one such reason being the tag mode as well as the ability to go into multiplayer with friends. Reggie hoped that the game will have a similar impact in the US when it hits July 11th. Dragon Quest 9 was followed by a quick look at Metroid Other M, which will be hitting the US at the end of August.

Retro Studios hits E3 with the bombshell Donkey Kong Country revival

Continuing to prove that Reggie Fils-Aime knows how to segue, he then talks about Retro Studios wanting to handle a different series after their work on the Metroid Prime games. He then revealed that Retro Studios have been working on Donkey Kong Country Returns, showing off a reel of footage, including mine cart action, Diddy Kong, and the same level of gameplay that made the originals so great. A bombshell game revival with another christmas bombshell release, meaning that Nintendo are packing the Christmas season with one of its most intense lineups for the Wii in years.

And then came the talk that everyone was waiting for. No, not the Wii HD becoming a reality, the 3DS. After talking 3D for a while, smack talking the need for 3D glasses, and showing off a reel detailing the history of 3D, the 3DS raised up from a tiny platform and was finally revealed. So what are the details of the 3DS that was kept so under wraps? This is what we were able to gather:


  • The top screen is a 3.5 Inch Widescreen.
  • It has an analogue slider, allowing for a greater level of control, as well as the D-Pad.
  • The ability to turn 3D off is available with a slider.
  • The touch screen at the bottom will not have 3D, as Nintendo discovered during development that touch screens and 3D don’t go amazingly well.
  • The Graphics are much improved (witnesses to the gameplay claim it’s the same level as the Wii)
  • It’ll contain a gyroscope and motion sensor.
  • It’ll be back compatible with the Nintendo DS.
  • There are two cameras on the case, meaning that it’s possible to take 3D photos as well.
  • Can show 3D Hollywood Movies and Trailers
  • The Tag Mode from the DS also makes a return, but the games can be updated without the games being on or in the 3DS. If you pass someone else, you can get ghost data and new data.
  • The 3DS will automatically seek out Wifi and Internet.

Then, Project Sora was finally announced to be Kid Icarus Uprising, with the protagonist himself swooping in and apologising: “Sorry to Keep You Waiting!” Nintendo then dazzled everyone with a gameplay reel showing graphics nearing the level of the Wii. Other games announced at this point included:

  • Saints Row
  • Professor Layton: Mask of Miracles
  • DJ Hero 3D
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Metal Gear Solid (Later confirmed to be Snake Eater)

Just before the end of the show, Nintendo finally showed off another reel with a humorous side, as Iwata, Miyamoto and even Fils-Aime himself were sucked into the world of the Nintendo 3DS. A bunch of items from Nintendo series flew out of the 3DS at the end, confirming future Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Starfox and Donkey Kong games, and even a possible Smash Bros game. With that, Nintendo finished up their conference with a massive selection for the hardcore this Christmas and the show stealing 3DS.

As GamingLives’ resident Nintendo fan, I was left without a doubt that Nintendo stole the show, and revealed a lineup and future console that need to be in my life in future. What did you think?

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  1. Lee says:

    ohh i want a 3ds

  2. Pete says:

    I like the sound of the 3DS… didn’t see any of the conference footage though so still a little confused as to how it works without the need for the red/blue specs :D

  3. Samuel The Preacher says:

    I’m going to wait to get my hands on a 3DS and see how the sucker works before I pass judgement… the main things that caught my attention from this was the new Zelda, and Metroid: Other M.

    I’ve recently started to get back into my Wii a bit thanks to Mario Galaxy 2 and Monster Hunter Tri (both of which are bloody good, so glad I didn’t give up on the Wii entirely), and if Nintendo can keep that going with other upcoming titles, so much the better. Having been a Nintendo fan for so long, realising that the Wii’s line-up was so disappointing earlier this year made me more than a little depressed, and it looks like Nintendo are finally doing something about it.

    I’ve had Other M on pre-order since it was first announced and listed on GAME’s website, so nice to see it’s going well, and they’ve actually brought the release date forwards, which is nothing short of miraculous considering most games get delayed if anything. And I’m going to be keeping a close eye open for when the new Zelda is listed, because I’m definitely getting that. I’ve not missed having a Zelda at launch since the SNES.

  4. Edward Edward says:

    I’m not sure how the 3D works either, and I’ve heard reports it not only showed depth, but also has things coming out of the screen, too. And gamecube to wii level graphics.
    And Snake Eater, Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 Remakes.
    I don’t know what the heck Nintendo did, but the 3DS sounds way too good to be true. It’s either going to be stupidly batshit expensive, have no battery life, or sell your soul.
    And then there’s the fact they’ll release a better version at the end of the year.
    Despite all that, I want 3.

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  7. Lorna Lorna says:

    Nice write up Ed :) After swearing off Nintendo stuff since my bitter disappointment with the Wii, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this conference. I expected to get so much more from Microsoft and it was actually the other way around. I hate the whole motion control thing, but seeing Epic Mickey and the new Donkey Kong, it actually half convinced me that I could tolerate playing with the WiiMote, though I’d still prefer to use the regular proper controller.

    Kid Icarus was great to see! They certainly seem to be going for the core and nostalgia lovers…about time. The only thing thatlet the whole show down for me was the pointless boasting which I was highly sceptical of. People play their Wii more than other console owners play their consoles? Somehow I doubt it.

    Still, their assault on Christmas looks to be an intense one…should be interesting!

  8. Edward Edward says:

    Yeah, I’d liked to have seen the figures and proof for that section, but it was actually a very thankfully short part of the conference.
    I think it could have easily stood to have been a good 10 minutes longer, just so Nintendo could go “Oh, and we’re remaking Snake Eater, Starfox 64, and Ocarina of Time for the 3DS”, with the other 9 minutes being people giving them a standing ovation.
    If Nintendo had actually taken the time at the end of the conference to list all the games they were developing for it thus far, they’d have completely cemented it as the best conference in years.

    It’s a good thing though, because there were only the two “casual” games showed off, and the rest was an incredibly hardcore outlook, as if Nintendo’s realised that they don’t need the casual market as much as they used to, and they can now do incredibly awesome and ambitious things like the 3DS while their rivals repeat Nintendo’s awful conferences from years before and try to get into the Casual market that Nintendo doesn’t need anymore.

    Also, thanks for the kind words about the writeup :)

  9. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    I actually feel really sorry for Nintendo fans, I really do. I mean… if I like something, then I’ll obviously want as much from it as possible and, where Nintendo’s concerned, that means dipping in to my pocket more times than is really necessary. I had the first DS, Lorna bought it for me as a gift… and I felt terrible because I immediately hated it. It was cheaply made, the plastic material was that crap type that should be reserved only for kids’ toys, the screen resolution sucked arse and the quality of the screen itself was piss poor. That very first day sitting in her office in Canterbury, I said that I thought it was a prototype. How right I was!

    Since then, Nintendo have (in total) released that original DS, the DS Lite, the DSi, the DSi XL and now the 3DS… five different versions of the unit in 5 years, 5 months and 13 days… that’s a new system every 398 days. I find that shocking and pretty disgusting. From what I’ve seen with the 3DS though, in terms of the graphics and build quality, they’re only now putting out the product that they COULD have put out in 2004 because all the technology existed back then – there’s nothing groundbreaking in the 3DS so my thoughts are that every DS before now has been a placatory move to satiate the desires of their hardcore consumers while they worked on a final product. It may have excited Nintendo fans to see the 3DS unveiled, but I just couldn’t help but feel sorry for them all at being dangled yet another financially draining carrot.

    Apart from that, I do admit that their show was entertaining and left Microsoft standing in the wings, crying into their beer. That was always a given though, Microsoft can’t switch off from being “corporate”, which will always be their downfall.

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