Nintendo 3DS Revealed

On display at E3 was the tasty petrol green model, though we love this one too

As expected, the Nintendo 3DS was one of the major highlights of the Nintendo conference at this year’s E3.  Promising 3D gaming without the need for glasses, the 3DS hardware certainly looked the part, although there was little in the way of much actual gaming footage on offer – with the exception of a stunning, surprise return from Kid Icarus.

The level of support promised for the new handheld was nothing short of impressive, with franchises such as Saints Row, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear to name but a few heading for the 3DS in the future, which, if turned to reality, will ensure exciting times ahead.

Offering an analogue slider and the ability to turn off the 3D effect, the unit itself was sleek, polished and alluring, though little different in appearance and general build from the DS Lite/DSi model – however, that was to be expected and we didn’t care because it looked shiny.  And we like shiny.  GL writer Ed covers the 3DS in detail in his write up of the Nintendo conference here.

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