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Risen 2: Dark Waters – Full Preview

Risen 2: Dark Waters – Full Preview

Prepare to be punished. Under normal circumstances, two weeks with a preview copy of a typical modern (Western) RPG would result in a high level character that could make walls bleed and ancient gods beg for mercy before the hero had even unsheathed their sword.…

More Risen 2 Screens Bob To Surface

Pirates.  The decent kind.  We love them here at GLHQ and, as you’ll know if you’ve been following our Risen 2 coverage, the upcoming sequel to the Norris-hard Risen is a release with which we’re particularly enamoured.  We were lucky enough to get several in-depth…

Risen 2 – New Character Revealed ISH

Word on the streets waves today is that Deep Silver have announced another new character for their upcoming pirate RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters, in the shape of Patty.  Whether this is news or not is obviously open to question, as our preview from E3