More Risen 2 Screens Bob To Surface

Pirates.  The decent kind.  We love them here at GLHQ and, as you’ll know if you’ve been following our Risen 2 coverage, the upcoming sequel to the Norris-hard Risen is a release with which we’re particularly enamoured.  We were lucky enough to get several in-depth looks and interviews last year, resulting in some sexy Risen 2 preview coverage from E3 and Gamescom that makes it one of our most eagerly anticipated releases for the first half of the year… even if it will kick our arses.  The story sees the character from the first game dispatched by the Inquisition to sort out the sea monster problem that has been causing havoc with shipping lines, disrupting island life and, more importantly, supplies.  Only the pirates know what’s happening, but getting them to help won’t be that easy.  As if anything in an RPG ever is.  Our money is on Bill Nighy.

Today sees the release of a new batch of screenies that just make the April release seem further away.

Disclaimer: Okay, okay, we know that last screenie is actual Davy Jones, but there were only five new images, so we had to improvise. We’re pretty sure he won’t be appearing.

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