Risen 2 – New Character Revealed ISH

Word on the streets waves today is that Deep Silver have announced another new character for their upcoming pirate RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters, in the shape of Patty.  Whether this is news or not is obviously open to question, as our preview from E3 had Patty featured quite prominently and our follow up Risen 2 hands-on from Gamescom, including an interview with Brand Manager, Daniel Oberlerchner, had Patty as the subject of several questions.  Perhaps the sexy daughter of notorious pirate Captain Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard learned more than how best to run someone through with her cutlass, and has managed to pick up some stealth skills along the way, allowing her to sneak into various screenshots and video footage from last year without anyone noticing.  Or, perhaps Deep Silver just wanted to remind us that Dark Waters is due for release sooner than you can say “Gaaargh!”.

Either way, we’re not complaining.  It may be more of a shrug-inducing murmur than an announcement to anyone following the progress of Risen 2, but at least it gives us a chance to talk about it again.  If everything we saw from last year is anything to go by, and the difficulty curve of the original game is maintained to some degree, then this will undoubtedly be a noteworthy RPG for 2012.

Risen 2: Dark Waters is due for release on April 27th, on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

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