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Dishonored – E3 Preview

Dishonored – E3 Preview

We’ve all been there – an odd whisper in the wind whistles past your ear and just enough manages to filter in and pique your curiosity to the point where you quickly resign yourself to the fact that you’re either going to end up seeing…

Bethesda’s Big Release Date Roundup

Well, seemingly going for the hardest working award, Bethesda are packing out this year’s game release schedules with a number of heavy hitters which are being well eyeballed by discerning gamers.  Without further ado, in case you blinked and missed one, here they are:


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Coming Nov. 2011

Finally, the reveal that we’ve only been waiting years for:  Elder Scrolls V has been formally announced and the release date set as 11.11.11.  The game will be a direct sequel to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its official title is: Elder Scrolls V:…

Elder Scrolls V In Production?

If it isn’t true, there will be a lot of broken hearts out there, but Eurogamer Denmark have reported (via an unnamed source) that Elder Scrolls V is not only on the cards but is currently in production (and appears to have…