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Arkham 2 Hints In WB Domains?

In the build up to the release of the sequel to the vastly successful Batman Arkham Asylum, it would appear that Warner Bros have been stealthily snapping up a number of domains and they certainly make for some interesting reading.  If we are to infer…

Batman: BATBTV wow, what a title

If the murky corridors of Arkham Asylum were the stamping grounds of mature Batman fans, then Warner Bros’ new ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame’ may just  right the balance with a cartoony, family-friendly offering for the Wii and DS. Based on the…



I apologise for even including this. It's one of those "you can never unsee it" moments. Fanboy ‘noun’
Pronunciation: fan-boi
Definition: see below My research into the term “fanboy” hasn’t yielded much in the way of reliable information. I know that its first use could…