Arkham 2 Hints In WB Domains?

In the build up to the release of the sequel to the vastly successful Batman Arkham Asylum, it would appear that Warner Bros have been stealthily snapping up a number of domains and they certainly make for some interesting reading.  If we are to infer correctly from the list, it would appear that at least part of the game will be set outside of Arkham and that Gotham will be something of a battleground, perhaps becoming an extension of the chaotic corridors of Arkham

The list includes the following – batmanriseofarkham, batmansiegeofgotham, batmanstateofvillainy, cityofarkham, waringothamcity, and perhaps, the most interesting of all: batmanashesofgotham.  As for, it sounds like he will more than have his hands full.

Source: Superannuation

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  1. Mark Mark S says:

    Must have game. The original is the only game i have honestly played through more than ten times. I usually get a game, finish campaign in a day, play a little multiplayer if its there then it goes on the shelf. Not with Arkham. Hopefully they can pull it off again and then some.

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