Batman: BATBTV wow, what a title

If the murky corridors of Arkham Asylum were the stamping grounds of mature Batman fans, then Warner Bros’ new ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame’ may just  right the balance with a cartoony, family-friendly offering for the Wii and DS.

Based on the popular animated series, the player can play as Batman or one of his allies, such as Green Lantern, Robin, and Blue Beetle, to name but a few, but the most fun is likely to be had in two player co-op mode where the player can team up for some pow/zzapping ultraviolence.  Okay, so maybe not ultraviolence as we know it…but no doubt the Bat will be dishing out a damn good kicking in a ‘non Daily Mail provoking’ manner.

For those flash-cashers who own a DS and a Wii, the two versions of the game can be connected to unlock the Bat-Mite character who can be controlled through the DS and can either throw a spanner in the works by causing chaos, or, if you’re feeling generous, can fight alongside Mr Tights.

Featuring the usual locales we’ve come to expect, from mysterious labs, grimy alleys, and underground cities, the cartoon feel of the game is complimented by much of the voice talent from the animated show, which can only be a good thing.  Batarangs and cartoon sound effects on standby…

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