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So if you're reading this, that chances are that you love gaming... which is quite a coincidence because I love gaming just as much as I enjoy writing about it. I was given my first console, a NES, aged four and have never looked back (thanks Grandma). I spent most of my younger years gaming with every Nintendo console going, and with my PC. I was always a big Nintendo fan (I have the pants to prove it) but also enjoyed the different experience that PC gaming provided. As the years rolled on and I went to University I found myself lucky enough to play in a clan, favouring Call Of Duty United Offensive (still the best Call Of Duty to date) and I believe I learnt alot about what it is to be a gamer.

Through school and university I spent weekends gaming and learning more about games. I was fortunate in that all my friends chipped in and bought me an Xbox 360 for my 21st birthday (I know, I have the best friends ever) and even more fortunate that I managed to get hold of a PS3 just last year. With the three consoles and PC I built (I discourage anyone with a short temper or frayed nerves to do this) I found myself in a position to sample all platforms. Last year, after wondering how I could satisfy my never ending desire to write something creative, my total lack of common sense kicked in and I started my own blog and began writing about video games. Shortly after this a friend introduced me to GamingLives, (cheers Holly) and so here I am.

What you will read are my thoughts and feelings, my experiences and expectations, my highs and lows in this fast paced and ever changing industry littered with more information than it's possible to process. You won't always agree with me, and I won't pretend to be an expert on anything because, frankly, I'm not, but if it's some way associated with gaming I'll happily discuss it with anyone. I'll play practically any game going and when I'm not watching movies, listening to music, reading, playing sports or socialising, you'll find me playing games... or sleeping.

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