Superfrog HD Coming To The PS Vita and PS3

For those gamers who still look back on the Amiga years as one of the great ages of gaming (like several of us, here at GLHQ), Superfrog will likely be one of those titles which has stuck in the memory.  Whether or not you played it back then, the glossy Amiga mags with their sexy screenies and overwhelming praise for the platformer were unavoidable.  Fast forward to recent times and GOG has been slowly throwing out enough re-releases of older titles to make us veteran gamers giddy, not least titles such as the Amiga classic Alien Breed.  Last year saw the release of the original Superfrog on and, lo, there was much rejoicing.  Now, however, Team 17 have upped the ante in anticipation of the game’s 20th anniversary…

Yep, Team 17 have recently unveiled plans to release an all new HD  version of Superfrog, featuring new graphics and a modernised character design.  What is perhaps even better news, however, is that the game will be heading to not only the PS3 but Sony’s oft-neglected handheld, the PS Vita.  Like Alien Breed before it, Superfrog will be bouncing onto the Vita later this year, promising retro-revitalised arcade action in your sweaty palms.  We can’t wait.

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