Deadpool Announcement Moonwalks Into The Limelight

You there! Yeah, you! Stop scoffing your face with chimichangas and listen. Everybody’s favourite merc with a mouth has got his own game! Yeah!

In a trailer released at San Diego ComicCon, the regeneratin’ degenerate burst onto our screens with a flurry of gun-busting acrobatics and loud-mouthed boob jokes. The team behind the game, High Moon Studios, have clearly got a feel for the cult Marvel anti-hero’s trademark humour, and have even managed to include the mad mercenary’s three alter-egos into the dialogue sequences. With a CV including the likes of Transformers: Dark of the Moon/War for Cybertron, Darkwatch and The Bourne Conspiracy, High Moon Studios certainly make an… interesting choice for the game.

The Deadpool trailer not only shows us some nicely rendered, cell-shaded graphics, but it also hints as to what we can expect in terms of gameplay. The introduction sequence is a respectful pop at the Devil May Cry series, and that’s no surprise, really - ‘Pool and DMC protagonist Dante share a lot of stylistic similarities; both are wise-crackin’ smart asses, both have massive swords and a pair of pistols, and both LOVE pizza. A couple of clips of gameplay footage show that game may very well play like DMC – we see ‘Pool flipping about the screen, popping caps in asses and talking nonsense whilst decapitating baddies. There’s also a lot of boobs.

The team here at GLHQ are happy Deadpool finally has his own game; his cameos in Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 left us drooling for more hot spandex-coated merc action. And yes, as if you couldn’t have guessed, vocal video-game mainstay Nolan North will be voicing ‘Pool (reprising the role from Shattered Dimensions).

There’s no confirmed rating (expect it to be an 18, folks) or release date as of yet, but we’ll be keeping our ears firmly to the ground for more news on this one – we’re just as excited about it as Deadpool is.

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  1. SimonJK says:

    Nice! Could this be a further step in the direction of a Deadpool Film? We all know Ryan Reynolds wants it but I think the stumbling block will be will it get the age rating it deserves or the age rating that makes it more publically accessable?

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