GameSalad Dev. Platform Coming To Windows

Most gamers have, at some point, probably switched off or deleted a game with a snort of “I could have done better myself.”  However, unless you are one of those mod wizards who can create incredible quest-lines and grand mansions in Oblivion, create body mods in Sims 3, or tweak and pull about code in various releases, DIY game development is beyond reach.  Or at least it was.

For some time now, Mac users have had access to a nifty game creation tool called GameSalad, which allows budding devs to design multiplatform games for iOS, without the need for complex coding and a degree.  Since its release, the creation tool has been expanded to include Android and HTML5 platform development, and now, it has finally become available to Windows users.

The Windows version is currently in beta and anyone interested in giving game design a bash can sign up to take part at the official GameSalad website.

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