I Am Alive To Release March 7th

Releasing as part of Microsoft’s XBLA House Party lineup, post-apocalyptic action adventure I Am Alive has finally been given a date by Ubisoft and will see the light on 7th March.  Ever since reading a tantalising preview in a mainstream mag some years ago, we’ve kept our eyes open for this one, here at GLHQ, watching with some trepidation as it moved from a retail release to a downloadable title, so it is with some interest that we mark the date on our release calendar.

The game focuses on one regular man’s journey to try and find his missing wife and daughter in the decimated remains of his hometown after ‘The Event’.  No, not the Mitchell and Webb one.  Ubi are promising smart gameplay, where the player has to manage their resources and make tough decisions in order to survive and maintain stamina.

I Am Alive will set you back 1200 msp.

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