GamingLives Podcast Episode Three

And so the GamingLives Podcast becomes a trilogy, with the completion of episode three. This week the team travels back to the good old days to ponder the generational gaps between gamers; will a game like GTA IV ever be considered as “retro”? Lorna gets annoyed with multiplayer achievements when discussing Stu’s article from earlier in the week and we talk about getting fit with the use of a console. On top of that, Lee struggles to talk to girls and has some questionable excuses you can use for getting out of work when those AAA games are released, oh and Mark finds a cool book.

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This is a list that’s long overdue. 9 years ago began as a catch-all for any and every single piece of video game media we could get our grubby little mouse cursors on, but the concept of the modern video game trailer evolved much earlier than that. When big titles hit the Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, or Genesis in the 80′s and early 90′s…

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The Generation Game

As time and gaming progress, it can be easy to feel left behind, for that ‘Werther’s Original’ generation thing to become less of a joke and more of a sobering reality.  Teens and even gamers in their early twenties have grown up without some of those early gaming staples, outside those formative years that shaped everything about our hobby, from journalism to graphics to gameplay, and it can be sad when you consider that you have. Some people have no idea of that groin-stimulating feeling when a cart thud-clicks..

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Me, Myself, and I: The Single Player’s Lament

It’s not that I don’t like Multiplayer. Multiplayer fans, its not that I don’t like you… well some of you. The constant encroachment of multiplayer into my gaming life is getting to the point where it’s putting me off buying some games. Almost any game I look to grab will have to pass the ‘offline achievements’ test before I’ll even consider it. I’m not even much of a completionist…

Read Me, Myself, and I: The Single Player’s Lament here >

Don’t Mock My Methods

The new wave of gaming related exercise regimes is getting a lot of stick, and I don’t like it. I’m by no means a healthy person. I don’t jog, I don’t play sport on the weekend, and any form of sporting equipment dates back to my overly-ambitious teens. I used to enjoy sport, don’t get me wrong; I’ve danced on stage in productions put on by my dancing school, and I used to play hockey for my local team, but I’ve always been self conscious with exercise…

Don’t Mock Jo’s Methods… or do, here >

Onlive Launches In The UK

As promised, OnLive has brought its brand of cloud gaming to the UK as of today. If you’re interested in checking it out, the service is offering some worthwhile deals. If you use BT’s broadband service, you’ll be able to subscribe to the “PlayPack,” a monthly program that gives you unlimited access to over 100 games, for 3 months at no cost. Oh, and OnLive play won’t count toward your BT usage limit from now until January 2, 2012. It may start accruing after that, unless BT offers any other usage deals.

Read the full news story over on >

Oblivion Texts Bound Into One Epic Tome

If you’ve played through Oblivion, you know just how many books are strewn across the land. Which means that the writers over at Bethesda put a lot of time into writing each and every one of them. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you took every single one of those texts, printed them out, and put them into one book?

More details over on >

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  1. Ryan Duncan says:

    (@WeeRyzer and @RedElevenGaming from Twitter)

    The Halo Reach TV trailer made me get the game, I wasn’t a fan of Halo even though i’d played the ones before Halo Reach, now I am.

    Also, the DiRT3 trailers and the F1 2011 TV Trailer is brilliant! :D

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