Deck 13′s Haunted Gets UK Release

Just as we were lamenting that our German cousins get all the great adventure game releases while UK point and click fans are left out in the cold, publishers Lace Mamba Global have announced that they will be bringing Deck 13′s Haunted to UK (and Australian) shores.  Not only do we have a fairly solid adventure line-up of Momento Mori 2, Book of Unwritten Tales, and Lucius, to look forward to in coming months, but Haunted looks to be a good addition, having scooped some respectable reviews since its release in Germany.

Developed by Deck 13 – also responsible for the piratey point and click, Jack Keane – Haunted is a kooky and spooky adventure, promising lashings of dark humour, a wealth of characters, and some pretty surreal locations.  London and Transylvania are par for the course, but a goldfish bowl?  We can’t wait to see what that’s about.  In Haunted, the player slips into the shoes of Mary, a young woman in search of her long lost sister, and who, on discovering that she can see and talk to ghosts, becomes swiftly embroiled in a quest that throws up some shocking revelations about her past, which could lead to the destruction of the spirit world.  So, no pressure then.

Of course, this being a point and click, expect dozens of stunning locations, oddball characters, and a myriad of puzzles, although you won’t be on your own because Haunted’s protagonist will have up to six accompanying ghost characters to help her and even, we’re told, a werewolf.  While we were hoping that Deck 13′s horror adventure, Black Sails: The Ghost Ship would be making a UK appearance before we tear our hair out, we’re happy to settle our grumbling for the time being with news of Haunted, which will see a Q4 release this year.  Now, we’ll go back to oogling the screens.


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