The First Templar Interview

Like Rome before it, it would seem that the Holy Lands during the gritty 13th century, with its backdrop of the crusades, may be the new adventure setting of choice.  The First Templar is a co-op action adventure, focussing on two Templars called Celian and Roland, and a noble woman named Marie who, together, set out in search of the legendary Holy Grail, and attempt to uncover a vast conspiracy within the ranks of the Templar Order itself.

As we’d expect, their task won’t be easy, as corruption and darkness run deep, often in unlikely places.  The game, interestingly, features drop in/out gameplay, meaning that players can happily tackle the campaign solo, swapping between the two leads as they see fit (AI will take on the role of your partner), until a friend is ready to leap in.  Aside from its action roots, The First Templar also features some elements borrowed from the RPG genre, with characters customisable via a skill tree of sorts, allowing the player to shape the development of Marie, Roland and Celian to suit their own style.

With the sort of dramatic soundtrack, combo killing action, and expected wealth of historical locations, the First Templar looks like a great prospect for those whose appetite hasn’t yet waned for the medieval action setting.  We found some time at PAX East this year to chat to Ted Brockwood from Kalypso about the game and find out more.

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  1. Lee says:

    ohhhh looks cool might have to go pick a copy up. Good interview Lorna

  2. Edward Edward says:

    Sounds like an interesting way of handling the H’n’S genre, and I hope it does well when it’s released.
    Also appreciate how enthusiastic he was that he was able to give such detailed and interesting answers :D
    Great job with the interview Lorna and great job with the editing, mark! :D

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