Crackdown 2 Gets New DLC

The DLC keeps rolling in with new content being revealed for Crackdown 2.  Entitled ‘The Deluge’, the new content will set you back 560 msp and will be available on 16th November.  The Deluge is in fact the name of the new co-op arcade mode called which hurls wave after wave of enemies against anything up to four players up to four players. Also included is a ‘Capture the Orb mode’, which promises a Crackdownesque spin on the tried and tested CTF mode.

Small mention has been made of several updates for Crackdown 2 itself which will affect weapons, vehicles, etc and, naturally, as if collecting all those orbs wasn’t enough to make you groan in despair at any more Crackdown achievements, orb related or not, the new content comes with a handful of new cheevs.  Bye bye spare time.

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