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Minecraft Sales Top 7 Million

It used to be that we’d see astronomical sales figures for a game and stare open-mouthed.  Then Minecraft happened.  Now we just snort and nod our heads with each crazy sales milestone reached and steamrollered.  The latest sale figures for the game on the PC…

Minecraft Becomes Fastest Selling XBLA Title Ever

Who could have predicted that the Xbox360 version of runaway indie hit, Minecraft would be such a vast success?  Everyone.  Sure enough, Microsoft announced today that the build-shit, block-filled sandbox title sold over one million copies in just five days, making it the fastest selling…

Lost In Oblivion

Lost In Oblivion

The crowd roars, but the only thing I can hear is my pulse pounding. A minotaur twice my size swings his weapon directly for my head. My shield barely halts the blow, I feel my gauntlet crack from the pressure. Fix it later. The minotaur