Minecraft Becomes Fastest Selling XBLA Title Ever

Who could have predicted that the Xbox360 version of runaway indie hit, Minecraft would be such a vast success?  Everyone.  Sure enough, Microsoft announced today that the build-shit, block-filled sandbox title sold over one million copies in just five days, making it the fastest selling XBLA game ever, beating the recently released Trials Evolution.  Still, those stats are in good company, as the PC version has sold over five million, and just last month, the mobile version broke the million downloads threshold.

In a world of increasingly sexy and ever more realistic graphics, it is good to know that looks aren’t always everything – sometimes the simplest gameplay can capture the imagination of millions.  That and being able to build a giant cock/Death Star/evil villain volcano lair.

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  1. Ian says:

    All of which is lovely, but as one of the (as yet) unconverted I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Also, 1600MSP? :|

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