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New Xbox Launch Lineup Rumours – Cottingly Does It Again!

New Xbox Launch Lineup Rumours – Cottingly Does It Again!

Never one to settle, and always willing to go where no ordinary rabbit would dare, our brave journo, Cottingly Welles, tackled one of the most talked about topics in gaming this week – the new Xbox – putting her wafer-thin reputation on the line to

Scandal Embargo Hits Games Press Hard

Five long, hard days into the scandal embargo that has been forced upon the gaming press by an increasingly-jaded industry, some journos are showing signs of desperation.  After a particularly scandal-fat 2012, it has become evident that not enough of the gaming press thought it…

Remember Mia Passed Up Because Publishers Didn’t Know Women Existed

The coming months will see a Camcop-released videogame that will shock you to the very core, thanks to the fact that it features that most elusive of all creatures – a woman – as its protagonist.  The developers told us of the suffering they had…