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Greetings, oh fellow traveller of this mortal plain, pray remove thy coat and take a seat by the fire to listen to the tales of the one they call ‘Tom’.

Honestly, it’s a pretty underwhelming story. I’m old enough to know better (20) but rarely exercise this experience. I love cartoons, drawing, wargaming and of course video games (this would be a strange place for me to be if I didn’t).

I’m something of a dynasty man, often enjoying the games of an entire series rather than those that stand alone. Favourite series include Mass Effect (I’ll admit I do get a bit fanboyish with that one), Dragon Age, the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA, Halo and Fable. (Though this doesn’t that I dislike those that stand by themselves)

I spend most of my time divided between my personal loves, studying print journalism at Nottingham Trent Uni (which does mean that I’m affiliated with Keegan, oh joy) and planning world domination.

Right, that’ll do. Now go and do whatever it is you kids do these days.

You have heard the tale now traveller, so be warned and remember to sleep with one eye open lest he find you.

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