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Hello, Loves. If you're looking for nonsense and hyperbole then vote Richie. I've been into this gaming lark for as long as I can remember and so sometimes I'll write about it. Nothing I write is to be taken too seriously because it's just games and stuff, yeah?

I'm about achievements, the Speccy, emulation in general and swearing. You about dudes. I'm out of step with your Halo and Call of Duty nonsense and I pine for a happier time when Q, A, O, P, Space was a legitimate control method for all genres. Apart from text adventures.

You can see A BOOK. What now?


Sorry, I don't understand 'QP AO PPQ.'

Rebelstar 2, King's Bounty, Syndicate, Bomb Jack and Resi 4 since you asked. Oh you didn't? In that case, white no sugars. Lovely!

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