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Hi, I’m Ric, and I’ve been whoring achievements since 2007. Ok, so a lot of people don’t like the term “achievement whore”, but I’m quite happy with it. And yes, I probably would sell myself for some Gamerscore. Achievement Unlocked: Sold Self For Score – 20GS.

I’ve jumped ship between consoles so many times it’s untrue, from the Mega Drive to Playstation, Playstation 2 to Gamecube before finally settling on the 360. After a brief flirtation with the Wii, of course. I buy as many shooters and sandboxes as the next guy, but I’m secretly a big RPG fan. I just like to appear somewhat cool in front of my friends.

I try to keep what I write light-hearted and humorous, mainly because I can’t be serious. When I grow up I want to be a writer, so I occasionally update a writing blog found at nuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com, and used to be chief review/preview writer for Swearing At Video Games before the guy who actually ran it disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

I also write songs about video games (and other stuff, sometimes) under the alias of Signposted Disaster, and you can download the last album free at signposteddisaster.bandcamp.com. Or if you’re just interested in following my every thought, follow me on Twitter @TehRicass.

Anyway, that's enough talking about me. Time to 100% Hannah Montana... (I'm kidding! I've already done that.)

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