Secret Ponchos Moseys Into Town Later This Year

We at GLHQ have seen a great many things in our collective time, but we can’t recall a game with a title that involves ponchos.  The oddly named but pretty looking debut game from devs Switchblade Monkeys is a multiplayer title aimed at consoles (although they haven’t yet completely ruled out the PC market).  It takes the Spaghetti Western style and gives it a dark, almost gothy, twist, serving up a western-themed multiplayer combat game that is promising much.  One-on-one duels or balls-to-the-wall gunfights are both on offer, as are a number of customisable characters, each with the expected arsenal of strengths, weaponry, and special moves, just to make the lives of the terminally indecisive harder.  Throw in melee, cover-fire, and destructible cover and you have a tasty, if chaotic,  sounding mix.

For a chance to take a look, then you’ll have to haul arse to Boston for PAX East in the next few days, otherwise you’re in for a wait.

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