Iceberg Interactive To Publish The Lost Crown Trilogy

After what seems like forever, The Last Crown – follow up to critically acclaimed The Lost Crown – will finally see a release.  Publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced that not only will they be publishing The Last Crown, but also the rest of the trilogy, including a re-release of The Lost Crown, and the planned prequel, The First Crown.

Developer Darkling Room, helmed by UK genre horror veteran Jonathan Boakes (who also had a hand in the disturbing Barrow Hill, along with Matt Clark), have been working on The Last Crown for a long while, and impatient fans have had to console themselves with gleaning what they can from the developer’s blog and pouring over tantalising screenshots on the official site.  The Last Crown will see a 2013 release, while The Lost Crown will be re-released at a budget price.

The Lost Crown series has that perfect balance of being very scary, but without becoming gory,” explained Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreude.  “We are delighted with this deal, as The Lost Crown is a very atmospheric and well written game with tons of challenging puzzles and several jump-out-of-your-seat moments, held together with a creepy and beautifully composed soundtrack. We expect nothing less from the two upcoming sequels and are eagerly looking forward to their release, as they will be as well-crafted as the origin, a Jonathan Boakes classic.”

The Last Crown will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, and appear in crisp black and white with splashes of colour for impact.   The screens we’ve seen on the official site are beautiful and take their inspiration from real-life locations – Boakes’ games are typically set in his home of Cornwall, where scenes from the game were filmed.  The Last Crown focuses on ghost hunters Nigel Danvers and Lucy Reubans who row out to the Hallowed Isle off the windswept coast, which is said to haunted by those who lived, worked, and died there.  They will have to steel their nerves and use every ounce of courage and intellect (not to mention some serious ghost-hunting equipment) to delve into the island’s history and discover what secrets lay buried.

Anyone thinking this is going to be a vanilla Most Haunted jaunt, dicking around in woods, where the most dangerous thing would be a badly-wielded mascara brush, can think again.  Boakes’ games are renowned for being as spine-chilling as they are packed with myths and British history – The Lost Crown was one of the most terrifying adventure games to ever creep up on the genre – so The Last Crown will be a hell of a ride if it lives up to its predecessor.

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  1. Chris Toffer says:

    Never heard of it. Looks excellent. One to watch :D

  2. Tania Tania says:

    FUCKING YES!!! I’ve been waiting for so long for the next Lost Crown game! HUGE fan of Jonathan Boakes’ games from the very beginning. So excited! :D

  3. Chris Toffer says:

    I’ll need some sort of in-depth explanation from this HUGE fan in a couple of weeks as to why I should purchase this :D

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