GamingLives Podcast Redux Episode 2

A Matter Of Honour
(aka “Enchanted Bangle of Jingle Jangle”)

Dear Jim, please could you fix it for me to allow our listeners to enjoy an hour of serious discussion and frivolity where we look at whether ripping the multiplayer aspect from games such as BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light is a good thing.  We’d also like to discuss the unprofessional comment (here, page 7) from C&VG’s Associate Editor, Rob Crossley, and how it sparked a flurry of tweets by freelancer Rich Stanton on industry corruption, oh and it may be an idea to pit Chris and Mark against each other by having them fight over whether Dishonored is actually a good game or not.  If you like, Mr Saville, we can also have them wear nothing but thongs and wrestle in sherbet.
Yours insincerely, GamingLives aged 2 3/4

In addition to the topical treats, we have our new regular features: ‘The Letters‘ and ‘Lines‘. No, The Letters aren’t the usual collection of abuse, nudey reader pictures, and outraged views on review scores, but, rather, a range of gaming-related topics based on a chosen letter. This week, the GL Podcast is brought to you with the letter E and the number 69 (what else?). As for Lines, well, it is in no way pilfered and adapted from a popular BBC2 panel show, which pilfered it from a popular CH4 panel show, and in no way involves a quickfire round of snappy lines, based around a given topic. This week, it’s ‘lines you wouldn’t hear in an Elder Scrolls game’.

We chat, we laugh, we almost incite a world war over Skype by allowing Mark to slag off Chris’ new mistress, Dishonored, and we manage once again to avoid a law suit.

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  1. Chris Toffer says:

    Lorna “I didn’t think it could be worse than last week”

    This was fucking gold.

    Every. Last. Second.

  2. Edward Edward says:

    This podcast is everything I need in life, and yet, somehow more :D

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