Eight Industry Execs To Cycle Home From Gamescom For Charity

Gamescom 2012 is almost upon us, and although it will be chock full of great games, surging crowds, and people for whom deodorant is just a myth, it comes at an exhausting price.  By the time the GL team is done at a big event, we usually want to just pour ourselves onto a seat on the plane and hurry home to sleep for a week.  Even the putrid waste served up by whichever airline had the cheapest seats rarely phases us at that point.  No way would we ever be insane enough to contemplate getting home any other way.  Certainly not in a way that involves effort.  Someone has, however.  Several people.  Several insane people.  Yes, eight games industry execs are cycling home from Gamescom in Cologne, all the way back to Brighton for charity.

During this challenge they will be clocking up over 500k in just three days and passing through three countries on their way home. All money raised will be going to games industry charity GamesAid who distribute funds to a wide range of children and young people’s charities.  After an exhausting week at Gamescom, they will have their work cut out for them, so to show support for these brave, admirable souls, check out their fundraising page.

We salute them… from our seat on the plane, naturally (if you don’t get lost on the Cologne transport system this time – Ed.).

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Two things… Nicole Kidman afro ftw!! Second… these guys are crazy. It’s bad enough having to make the trip back after an expo when you’re sitting in relative luxury (I use both “relative” and “luxury” very loosely) let alone actually CYCLE back. I get that it’s a charity thing, and that’ll help spur them along, and that there’s a boost that comes along with heavy exercise… but JEEZ… they’re going to be knackered after the expo, let alone by the time they get back!

  2. Richie Richie says:


    I’m guessing none of them are from EA or Activision then.

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