Deponia Demo Now Live

A few days ago, we reviewed Deponia, the latest sexy looking adventure from German devs Daedalic Entertainment.  Of course, there are many cynical bastards and wallet-guarding jellies out there who won’t just take our word for it, and who require further convincing.  Well, now they can get hands on the game to find out for themselves, with the newly released demo.  The demo features the first chapter of the game, offering about 30-45 minutes of gameplay (longer if you get stuck, and there is a good chance of that, trust us!), which should give ample time to savour the luscious hand-drawn cartoon art style and surreal humour on offer.

In case you haven’t read the review, first off, what’s fucking wrong with you?  Second, we’ll briefly recap: Deponia is a trash planet, whose junk-choked surface is home to several towns, including Kuvaq, where we find the game’s workshy, self-centered ego-on-legs, Rufus, preparing his latest escape attempt.  He has set his sights on a cushy life in one of the floating cities in the clouds, but after a disastrous accident, he causes a girl called Goal to fall from a passing ship, so beginning his mission to get her home and tag along for the ride.

The demo (PC, obviously) is 700MB and can be downloaded here.
We’ll even try and help you if you get stuck, we can’t say fairer than that.

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