Kingdoms of Amalur Sequel Was On The Way

It would appear that Big Huge Games, sister company of troubled developer 38 Studios,was busy with the pre-production work for a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning when all employees were let go last week.  While sources told Joystiq that there is a slim chance that the team at Big Huge Games could still be saved, it is unlikely that an Amalur sequel would still be on the cards, due to the rights being owned by 38 Studios… rights that will likely end up passing to the state of Rhode Island – to whom the beleaguered company owes a considerable sum.

“Based on what information I’ve been able to review on the 38 Studios situation, it appears that the funds they received from the RIEDC – Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation – were secured by collateral that amounts to all of 38 Studios assets, including all of their intellectual property,” attorney and Law of the Game editor Mark Methenitis told Joystiq.  He went on to say that such a deal  “would include all the rights to Kingdoms of Amalur and any other games they may have in development, even if no information about those titles has ever reached the light of day… if they default on their obligations to the RIEDC, then the RIEDC can turn around and take possession of as much of that as is necessary to pay off the debts owed.”

The studio was reportedly in talks with a publisher for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 2 – not EA, however, since they allegedly passed on it – when the shit hit the fan.  While the news comes as a blow for Amalur fans, take heart in the fact that should the team at Big Huge Games manage to reform as a new company, a spiritual successor could at least be a possibility – a title that would have a similar feel to Amalur, but would be an entirely new IP.  Here’s hoping.

Source: Joystiq

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  1. SimonJK says:

    I heard most of the staff has been picked up by Epic Baltimore and some also by Zenimax – the guys that own Bethesda studios. I reckon they are still eager to make another RPG but they just cannot call it KoA as Rhode Island still own the IP.

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