Need For Speed The Movie?

Sorry if the title of this news nugget had you spitting your tea over your keyboard, but no… this isn’t a belated April Fool.  Just when you thought that you’d seen the last of shouty, frenetic car films with the typical cast of the ‘troubled protagonist’, ‘ballsy heroine’, and ‘assorted kooky friends’, not to mention more shiny, roaring automobiles than you can shake Richard Hammond at, EA have a surprise for you.  Yes, they want to turn their Need For Speed franchise into a movie.  The only thing surprising about this news is that it took them so long.

According to the report on, EA are are working with their talent agency reps, UTA, to build the pitch and wheel it around Hollywood to find a willing backer, with Paramount tipped to be leading the pack.  With the latest NFS game, The Run, bearing a resemblance to the legendary Cannonball Run, it comes as no surprise that the NFS franchise has been deemed suitable to be the next in a long line of video game releases to chug onto the silver screen.  Forgive us as we turn our sarcasm dials up to eleven and say that we expect this one to be really good… just like all the other Oscar winning, well plotted, and character driven car films (okay, turn that dial down now – Ed.).  Alright, joking aside, we hold our hands up and admit that it could be good.  The franchise is a solid one, and the potential is there for a dynamic, slick production, so just maybe it will work out.  We’re sure Vin Diesel is waiting up by his phone.


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  1. Rook says:

    NFS The Run had more of a story element attached to it and was not a very good single player game. No doubt after the movie EA will then release additional 15 min episodes that they’ll expect us to pay to view.

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