Resident Evil: Revelations To Chew Flesh In Jan 2012

With Christmas galloping up on us at an alarming rate and AAA releases conspiring with Steam sales to empty our wallets, the 2012 schedules are getting fleshier by the day, likely ensuring that gamers’ financial woes will long continue.  The latest addition to next year’s swelling lists is Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS, whose official release date has been announced as 27th January, 2012.  The game will be appearing as both a stand alone game and a special limited edition bundle, which includes the new Circle Pad Pro accessory.  This gadget, when attached to your shiny hardware, offers a fourth control scheme meaning that your 3DS can be used in ‘twin stick shooter’ style.

The upcoming Resi game will be plugging the story gap between the fourth and fifth games, and features the return of series faves Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, along with a new cast and some intriguing sounding locations, such as the dank confines of a cruise ship.  While we’ll reserve judgement on how well the new control oojit will function, or how well, in relaity, Resi will look and play on Ninty’s eye-melter, we’ll prepare to get our zombie on once more in the new year.

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