Darkstar – The Interactive Movie Finally Gets Release Date

We first reported on Darkstar – The Interactive Movie waaaay back at the very start of the year, detailing the story and concept of the unusual game, but since then, there has been radio silence with regards to its eventual release.  A quick look at publisher Lace Mamba’s Facebook page has often seen the impatient and curious asking about the release throughout the year, but no date has been set in stone… until now.

It appears that the game is finally ready to hit the shelves and the street date has been announced as 9th December, 2012.  Whether the delay was caused by the ambitious nature of the project, or the need to give it some intensive polish, we don’t know, but what we do know is that it is a curious title to say the least – even if it looks a little hokey.  As we talked about back in January, it is a bold move for a game to throw down its cards and move openly towards the ‘interactive movie’ territory, whereas some games, despite being little more than this themselves, often strive to hide from that tag.

Darkstar is set in the year 2499, and focuses on Captain Jack O’Neil who wakes from his cryosleep to discover that he’s been out like a light for 312 years – we hope he remembered to take that library book back.  As is always the case, his memories are pretty screwed, his ship is adrift and knackered, and his crew are either dead or trapped in cryosleep.  The game will feature over two dozen – yep, two dozen – possible endings and boasts over 13 hours of FMV sequences.  Just how and where the gameplay fits in and what it actually entails is anyone’s guess, what with it being an interactive movie, but the fact that it is narrated by Peter ‘Mission Impossible’ Graves in his final performance certainly drew our attention.

Darkstar – The Interactive Movie will be release on 9th December, 2012.  So stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen and remember to stock up on some cornbread and bug repellent because we know that anyone waking from cryosleep on a lost spaceship is never in for a good day.

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