Star Trek Online – Season 4: Crossfire

Cryptic Studios, creators of Star Trek Online, have released the next major update, Season 4: Crossfire. Crossfire delivers a major revamp of the ground combat system, changes to the queuing systems for PVE and PVP content, an inbuilt VOIP system and a completely remodelled Klingon starting area, Qo’nos.

Tweaking the weapons with new stats, animations and visual FX, the developers have also introduced a new way to play: Shooter Mode which, as you would imagine, changes the ground combat from the typical MMO style to something more along the lines of Gears of War or other third person shooters, minus the cover system… or chainsaws.

The Borg also get a bit of a revamp in this update, making them more like the heartless cold blooded assimilators we know and love. They will now adapt to your weapons in ground combat, so fire off too many phaser shots and you will need to re-modulate your weapons, adding another level to the intense new combat system.

However, this is not the end of the update, with the promise of a new Duty Officer system coming in the not so distant future, allowing players to create their own Commander Riker or Scotty. With this new system, players will be able to play a trading card style mini game, setting heads of departments to gain bonuses, or send crew out on lone missions to bring back rewards. All of which sound oddly like a feature from another MMO that has yet to be released.

Cryptic are moving from strength to strength with Star Trek Online and it looks like players have a lot to look forward to.  More details on this update can be found at the Star Trek Online Site –

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  1. Unverified420 says:

    More like Season 4: Backfire

    What happened to Season 3: Genesis and The Foundry? Oh they had to pull The Foundry in leiu of their new ‘update’.

    Pull the plug and leave Star Trek to someone who knows what they are doing Cryptic.

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