Mortal Kombat Season Pass Detailed

If you haven’t yet tired of pain (and we aren’t just talking about maxing the game), then Mortal Kombat fans may well be interested in the MK Season Pass, just announced by Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios.  The pass will offer players added incentive to buy all four of the new add-on fighters in one pop, as opposed to scooping them all up individually.  Starting on 21st June, the first downloadable character will be Skarlet, followed by Kenshi, Rain, and a mystery newcomer.  Warner have revealed that each of them will come with a full move set, arcade ladder story ending, and two fatalities.

If purchased separately, the characters will come in at 400 msp each, but the Season Pass for all four will only punch your pocket to the tune of 1200 msp.  Players should note, however, that not all four fist-wavers will be available right off the bat, but will instead become unlocked for download as and when they are released in the upcoming months.  In order to allow for ‘seamless online play’, free compatibility packs will be required, however, if this makes you wrinkle your nose, there is extra incentive in that each pack will come with two free ‘Klassic Skins’.  The first of these will be released with Skarlet on 21st June and will be the MK3 inspired skins for Sektor and Cyrax.

If you still don’t fancy the pass, but are now crying into your Reptile Venom milkshake at the thought of missing out on Klassic Skins, fear not… pass or not, they’ll be available regardless if you download the free compatibility packs.  Toasty.

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  1. Richie rich says:

    Yeah, fuck this.

    MK9 isn’t good enough to claim any more of my cash.

  2. Is it me or is this pass not up on the UK PSN? I still can’t decide if I want the DLC. Kinda stopped playing the game now. Might download the free stuff though. Hopefully one of the klassic skins packs involve Raiden and Kano in their PJs from the first game. I’d also like an MK3 mask-less Sub Zero please.

  3. Nick says:

    It’s not available on PSN

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