Sony To Launch Affordable 3D Monitor

As expected, Sony were keen to push 3D gaming at their E3 press conference today, but what we didn’t bank on was a nifty piece of hardware which was announced to great interest.  In fact, Sony pitched two new hardware products to help make 3D more affordable to the average gamer, namely a PS branded 24″ 3D display and 3D glasses, allowing gamers to enjoy TV, games and films in hi-def 3D.  The monitor’s biggest feature (3D aside) was the fact that two people can play co-op on the one TV, and each be presented with different game views – rather like playing on separate TVs, thanks to the display and the PS branded 3D glasses – thus eliminating the distracting split-screen mode when co-op-ing on one TV.

The glasses are available separately at $69.99, but the better deal appears to be the  bundle that Sony are offering, which includes the 24″ 3D monitor, 6 foot HDMI cable, 3D glasses and a copy of Resistance 3 for just $499.99.  It will see a release this coming September in the US, although UK and European dates and prices have yet to be announced.  Judging from the other announcements regarding the new PS Vita, expect the sterling amount to match the dollar amount.

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