PAX East Introduction

Yesterday this was the scene at the Convention Centre... I imagine it'll look very different in a few hours!

There are certain risks that we must take in order to progress, and travelling some 4000 miles (not including the detour to Amsterdam first) at great expense without having had any sleep in forty hours is one of those risks.  The result, however, is that we’d be visiting the halls of the sold out Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to experience PAX East 2011 for ourselves and to take in the whole buzz of the event, get hands-on time with various previews and betas as well as some pretty extensive face time with developers to bring you as much content as possible.

Logistically, we can’t very well drop to the floor and start updating the site as people clamber over the top of us and reach for that all important piece of swag, so the updates will be done in the evenings… unless something spectacular catches our eye, in which case we’ll take the nearest water taxi back to the hotel and do whatever we can.  We’ll be tweeting from the PAX floor, so make sure you’re following @GamingLives on Twitter, and with any luck we’ll get hold of some goodies that we can give away to some lucky folk.

In the meantime, anything we publish will be available directly from clicking the various PAX East banners on the site.  If there is anything you’d like to see (don’t say CliffyB nude… Lee already has dibs on that) then please tweet us with the hashtag #GLPAX and we’ll see what we can do.  Please don’t ask us to steal any Alienware rigs… we’ve already had too many requests and our backpacks aren’t that big!!

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  1. Edward Edward says:

    I’m pretty jealous of all the cool people you get to see (TelltaleGames), all the cool games you get to witness (TelltaleGames) and all the swag you’ll get (…Telltale Games? ;)), but hope the queues, people and lack of sleep don’t get you down!

  2. Richie rich says:

    Am stoked that you guys are there. Invariably I’d usually ignore gaming event news as I can’t abide other gaming sites and endless talk of Gears and Halo sequels.

    Keep the updates coming guys, I’ll be retweeting anything good as well.

  3. Victor Victor says:

    I am loving the coverage of our roving reporters.

  4. Lorna Lorna says:

    Miss PAX :( Was very odd seeing the BCEC empty afterwards. *sings – Where Have All the Geeks gone*

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