Kombat Achievements Reveal Secrets?

With the Mortal Kombat franchise being dragged back to its glory days, away from its, sadly, toned down recent forays, we can expect it to include the level of gore and brutality to which we have become accustomed.  However, in getting back to the traditional MK staples, series co-creator, Ed Boon, recently intimated to Game Informer that fatalities and stage fatalities would be the only ‘-alities’ on offer.  While some may rejoice at the gimmicky move sets, such as babalities, being left in the dirt, others were saddened… after all, what is a MK game without a host of hidden extras and off the wall moves?

Fret not, however, as the wackier ‘ality’ moves may not be as dead as we have been led to believe.  The achievement list for Mortal Kombat has recently come to light, and has been giving fans much food for thought.  While xbox360achievements.org only lists the regular ones, iPlayWinner got hold of a complete list – including the secret achievements, which are rather telling if they are, in fact, accurate.  For all the protestations that fatalities are where it is at, one listed achievement is ‘Complet-ality’ – doling out 10gs for performing one of each type of ‘-ality’.  This would suggest that perhaps babalities or animalities may make a showing in some form or other in addition to regular and stage fatalities, unless the devs have something else planned.

It also suggests at least four Hidden Kombatant fighters will be unlockable in the Arcade mode – of course, we can do nothing but speculate at this stage as to their identities; perhaps the missing Kano will make a showing, since, along with Liu Kang, he is the only one of the original MK roster not to be on the official ‘confirmed’ list for the game at this time.  Also, if the list is accurate, Quan Chi and Cyber Sub Zero will be available to be unlocked – perhaps forming two of the four Hidden Kombatants.  So, much to think about.  Sound good?  Yeppers.  Can we wait?  Fuck no.

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