Activision Axe Guitar Hero

Activision have once again wielded their axe of destruction, and this time, the blade has fallen upon the neck of the long-running Guitar Hero franchise.  In a surprising announcement, the publisher confirmed that the Guitar Hero franchise was dead, and that this year’s game in development was cancelled. “We simply cannot make these games profitable given the current market,” said Activision in a statement yesterday.  It doesn’t stop there however, as Vicarious Visions – developers of the series on the Wii and also responsible for DJ Hero – will suffer staff cuts.  Also dead was the promising looking True Crime: Hong Kong which we first caught a glimpse of several months ago.

If there is one franchise that we expected to rumble on forever it was Guitar Hero, so to say this has come as a shock would be an understatement.  With Acti also chopping Bizarre last month, developers of the Project Gotham racing series, we can’t help wondering who or what will be next.

Source: C&VG

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  1. MrCuddleswick says:

    I think they’ll cancel World of Warcraft next.

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