Nintendo 3DS Launch Details Out

Shiny shiny, gonna hurt your pocket.

Well, Nintendo’s Amsterdam launch for the upcoming 3DS is over and the details are in.  One of the many big questions hanging over the new handheld was the friend code system.  After the Wii and DS both used the sluggish system, whereby the user had to enter an extensive code to play with their friends for each game, the 3DS is streamlining things somewhat.  Friend codes will still be necessary for online play, however, you’ll only ever need to input a mate’s code once and that will see you through any game that you decide to hook up with them on.

The colour choices for the European launch are Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black, but we can likely (if history has taught us anything about Ninty) expect further choices not far down the line, along with a myriad of collector’s editions to accompany headline games, no doubt.

As for pricing, the US retail cost will be $249.99 which means we’ll likely see it landing on UK shelves for about £199.99, perhaps £189.99 if they play a little fairer.  We’ll see – rather oddly, despite announcing the US price, the European cost will be decided by retailers, so we still don’t quite know what the damage will be.  The handheld hits the UK on March 25th, two days before the US, which was somewhat of a surprise, but hey, who’s complaining!

Also announced was the news that Eurosport and Sky will be providing content for the 3DS via a system called ‘SpotPass’, though at the moment it will be limited to small chunks of content, with more hinted at for the future. A nice idea in principle, but how it will chew up the battery life, we’ve yet to discover, still, it has potential and Nintendo are promising more alliances for the future which teases at even better things to come.

Some of the pre-loaded software on the system includes a pedometer and, more interestingly, a Mii Maker which makes use of the 3DS’s improved camera to automatically create a Mii in the snap-ee’s likeness.  Also included are a net browser and an e-shop for easier access to downloads, which will be including some of the GBA and GB’s greatest hits.  However, the games are where it is at and the full launch lineup (and titles which be released close to it) is as follows:

  • Nintendogs and Cats
  • Steel Diver
  • Pro Evo
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Super Monkey Ball 3D
  • Resident Evil: Revelations
  • Combat of Giants
  • Dead or Alive
  • Rabbids 3D
  • Ghost Recon: Shadow Wards
  • Samurai Warriors
  • Driver
  • Lego Star War III
  • Paper Mario
  • Starfox 64
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries
  • Splinter Cell 3D
  • Asphalt 3D
  • The Sims 3D
  • Ridge Racer 3D
  • Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pilot Wings
  • Kid Icarus

Well, that is an impressive looking lineup and though the cynical part of us is well aware that some of these titles will likely see some disappointing slippage, we can’t fail to be impressed.  Nintendo haven’t really had strong launch lineups in the past for new console/handheld releases, but if this list holds true, it will more than make up for it.  Suddenly, here at GLHQ, we are more excited… though some among our number would have been more so if it hadn’t been region locked.  Anyway… so begins the countdown to March 25th…prepare for bombardment of leechy GAME bundles in 3, 2, 1…

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  1. Lee says:

    is it wrong that i really want animal crossing?

  2. Richie rich says:

    Pilotwings maybe, the rest can get bent.

    Price is £230 I think.

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