3DS To Use Hated Friend Codes?

Yes...we know the feeling.

Well, the 3DS wagon of disappointment rolls ever onwards, with the latest rumour that the sexy looking handheld may well end up using the same dire ‘friend code’ system for online play that the Wii and DS use.  With many gamers already dismayed at the, reportedly, dismal battery life of the new handheld, along with the news that we had all been dreading – yes, it will be region locked – the addition of friend codes will have palms hitting foreheads across the globe.

It is currently unknown for certain whether this will indeed be the case, but TinyCartridge.com reported that Japanese magazine, Famitsu, while talking about Super Street Fighter IV 3D, mentioned that the game would be using friend codes to help players manage their ‘buddy list’.

Whether this is game specific, or whether it will indeed be a feature of the 3DS is unknown, but with so many gamers complaining about them, it would be hard to believe that Ninty would implement them again.  Actually… scratch that.  We absolutely can believe that Ninty would implement them.  Region locking?  We’re still sore about that one.

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