The Witcher 2 – New Trailer

CD Projekt’s upcoming sequel to their 2007 debut RPG game, The Witcher, is slowly teasing gamers with more of its wares and this new trailer is no exception. The original’s protagonist, Geralt returns, along with the familiar dark and mature themes and gameplay.  The trailer promises a suitably dramatic storyline, with some tasty looking visuals to match.  And yes, you didn’t imagine it, that was a woman chained up with her boobs on show.  While we were about to roll our eyes at the ‘old skool chained-up damsel-in-distress’, we couldn’t help winding the vid back for a second (third – ed.) look…just to see what will likely stir up outrage and hype when the game gets released – of course.

The Witcher has not shied away from sparking debate about some of its more mature elements in the past, however, with the ‘sex card’ trophies of the original, in particular, dividing opinion.  Whether we can expect similar saucy additions in the sequel, and whether the boobage makes the final cut remains to be seen.  Personally we’re all for it..after all, sex and sauciness are the last taboos of gaming and it’s nice to see them opened a little, whether the game’s tongue is firmly in its cheek or not.

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