AC Brotherhood Pre-Play Events

Can’t wait until the 19th November 2010 to get your hands on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood?  Neither can we.  Luckily, Ubisoft have teamed up with Gamerbase at HMV and are running a number of free pre-play events, allowing ‘Creed’ devotees to taste the multiplayer version almost five days early.

The multiplayer pre-play events will be running at major HMV Gamerbase locations around the country from Monday 15th November.  However, it is worth noting that while it is free to play if you have pre-ordered the game from HMV, you have to at least have some credit on your Gamerbase membership account if you’ve ordered it elsewhere.  The same conditions apply for entry to the midnight launch events being held on 18th November.

For the launch, gamers will have the chance to get hands on with the single player mode mode from 9pm until midnight (get there early and take a memory card).  Not only that but there will be a Assassin’s Creed prizes up for grabs, so if it tickles your bits and you just can’t wait for the postie to jam it through your slot, make a note in your diary.  The pre-play events in particular will go at least some way to redressing the balance for non PS3 gamers, since those lucky sods have had access to the AC Brotherhood multiplayer beta for some time now.  Not that we’ve been jealous or anything.

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